How to wash the Newborn clothes

The most tiresome job to any homemaker is washing clothes. But yes with no other option it is our duty to keep the clothes of our little one clean as the baby could get infected literally from anywhere.


The first step of washing the Baby’s cloth is choosing the right detergent for it. The detergents that we use to wash our clothes are extremely hard and may cause infections to the babies. So never ever use your detergents to wash your baby clothes. Always shop for exclusive Cloth wash liquids and detergents that are made for babies.

When can you get your Child to play with Building Blocks

Building Blocks or Stacking Blocks are something that we always tend to buy for our kids. But we dont get them at the right time which makes either the kid lose them or not use them in the way they need to be used.


What’s so good with them ?

Building Blocks helps your child identify and sort between different shapes and colours. And they also help your child in doing activities that develop finger coordination and orientation. Since they are small and of different sizes it helps your child learn to hold things properly. It also helps your child use its Intelligence to stack the blocks in different shapes.

Is it Good to Use a Stroller for a Baby ?

In today’s world it has become a common thing to take the baby out for a walk or for shopping. In an apartment life it is extremely impossible to give your baby the necessary natural air or expose it to the sun light and it is always difficult to carry the baby in arms too. So the best option available is to buy a stroller.


But is is good to use a stroller ?

  1. It is very important that you use a stroller only when your baby’s neck stands in an erect posture.
  2.  Usually it is good to use them after 5- 6 months.
  3. Buy the best stroller in Market.
  4. Check its Durability and Quality.
  5. It is very important to check the resting place of the stroller.
  6. See the quality of the Fabric used.

Are you Pregnant ? Then you need to be Extra Careful during this winter

Winter is a season during which everyone must stay alert and take care of their health, when it comes to pregnant women they must stay a bit extra alert, because this is the season when we get infected with flu. You must have a check on your immunity levels and keep them high to help you cross this winter without infections. Here are some of the Tips for the pregnant women


  1. Avoid Dehydration

Due to lack of moisture in the air and low temperature levels our body gets dehydrated very soon and during pregnancy dehydration would be very high and you must maintain your fluid levels by drinking more fluid diets like Fresh fruit juices, Smoothies, Vegetable soups and fruits with more water content.

How to Bathe your Newborn

Bathing your baby is one of its kind experience that you can never share with others and that’s a wonderful piece of time when you can enjoy playing and getting to know your baby better and better. Actually for new and young mothers who are afraid about parenting, giving baths gives more and more confidence to handle the baby with care.


Systemize Bathing

Always make it a routine to give your newborn bath everyday, which will obviously make your little one immune of Water related issues and personally you will also get time to spend it with them. Most importantly keep talking to the little one when you bathe. Tell them stories teach them about the family, introduce her to your relations and friends.

How to choose the best toys for infants

Toys - the magical wand that every baby loves. As a parent we are also fascinated to buying toys for our little ones. Whenever we peek into a Mall and gaze at a good toy we immediately bounce to buy them however costly they are thinking our little one will be impressed. But that doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes our little one dont even give a look on it or play with it. It’s all because things that fascinate us may not always fascinate the little one. So it is always better and good to be choosy about the toys we buy.


So how do we choose the right toy.

Infants between the age 1- 12 months have an immense qspeed of development and that is the key to make our right choice.

Keeping your Baby Safe and Cozy during Winter

Winter is Coming

Finally, the long-awaited winter has come and we are getting to feel the chill in our nerves, the biggest task for mothers during these days is keeping their newborns comfortable and cozy. Winter usually brings home infections that cause common colds to babies which eventually make them more discomfortable than anything else in the world. So it is always safe to find good, simple yet best remedies to avoid this and make the Winter as happy as ever. 


Why is your Baby crying

The hardest part in parenting is knowing ‘Why is he/she crying now?’ that too during winter it's even more difficult to know the right reason as your baby might be feeling cold which is the first sign of the next big thing.