Comfort Premium Potty Box with Covering Lid for Infant - Brown


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maximum allowed quantity is 5

M.R.P: 1999

PRICE: 1279   36 %Off

  • The Comfort plays most important role during first time learning of Sanitary habits. The seat is designed keeping baby's comfort in mind.

  • The higher back structure allows good support during baby's potty training and also prevents baby from falling back.

  • Easy curves and finishes on the designs makes it easy to clean the seat after usage.

  • Happy pottycomes with a lid cover to prevent foul smell after usage.

  • Country of origin: THAILAND

  • Qus: Up-to what age could a baby use this?

    Ans: 21/2 years

    Qus: Product dimension and weight

    Ans: 32 cm X 30 cm and 850 grms