Are you Pregnant ? Then you need to be Extra Careful during this winter

Are you Pregnant ? Then you need to be Extra Careful during this winter

Winter is a season during which everyone must stay alert and take care of their health, when it comes to pregnant women they must stay a bit extra alert, because this is the season when we get infected with flu. You must have a check on your immunity levels and keep them high to help you cross this winter without infections. Here are some of the Tips for the pregnant women


  1. Avoid Dehydration

Due to lack of moisture in the air and low temperature levels our body gets dehydrated very soon and during pregnancy dehydration would be very high and you must maintain your fluid levels by drinking more fluid diets like Fresh fruit juices, Smoothies, Vegetable soups and fruits with more water content. Avoid drinking Tea, Coffee or any kind of aerated drinks.


  1. Keep your skin moist

Do not forget to keep your skin hydrated or moist. Use your regular skin moisturisers and avoid dry skins which would cause unnecessary rashes which may lead to taking medicines that may go wrong during pregnancies. If you can grow aloe vera in your home use its gel to apply and massage your face and places that are exposed to sun.


  1. Avoid Chemical Treatments

The biggest problem during Winter is catching up cold. During normal days our immediate resolve will to go and have an anti-allergic medicine, but during Pregnancy it is very important to avoid all unwanted Chemical treatments that too without the proper advice of the physicians. So it is always good to take natural care. Try to include good natural herbs and spices like Turmeric, Pepper and other things and stay alert.


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