Food Ideas for 10 - 12 Month Babies:-

Food Ideas for 10 - 12 Month Babies:-

Greater variety

This is your window of opportunity as far as getting your baby used to a wide variety of tastes and textures. Combine foods with sauces and mince or chop your baby’s food less finely now, so he can continue to grow accustomed to chunkier textures. Continue to offer lots of finger foods to help hone your baby’s fast developing thumb-and-finger pincer grip.


Ideal foods

  • Breast milk

  • Spinach

  • Soft cheese cubes

  • Soft fruit

  • Finger foods as before

  • Cooked, mashed complex foods- Khichdi, vegetable pulao

  • Mixedsoups, dosas

  • Mashed cooked lentils


How often

Four times a day plus finger food snacks, with a minimum of 350-400ml/12-14 ounces of breast or formula milk.


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