Food Ideas for 4 - 6 Month+ Babies:-

Food Ideas for 4 - 6 Month+ Babies:-

First solids

Once your baby hits the magic six month mark, he/ she is developmentally ready to try solids – if you have noticed he/ she seems less satisfied by his/her milk feeds, it’s a good sign he needs more than milk to satisfy his hunger. Don’t offer solids before six months unless your doctor.


Ideal foods

  • Breast milk

  • Dal water

  • Rice water

  • Diluted Rice cereal

  • mashed banana diluted with baby’s milk

  • Puréed or mashed/strained fruits and vegetables (offer naturally-sweet vegetables before you start to introduce green-veg purées).


How often
Aim for twice a day with milk feeds in between (your baby should still receive most of his/her nourishment from breast or formula milk – a minimum of 500-600ml/16-20 ounces a day). Introduce new foods one at a time, three to four days apart, to ensure that you can pinpoint the cause of any potential allergic reactions (such as a rash or diarrhea). 


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