Food Ideas for 7 - 9 Month+ Babies:-

Food Ideas for 7 - 9 Month+ Babies:-

More texture

Move your baby gradually away from sloppier foods to mashed foods with a thicker, chewier consistency as his/her/ teeth start to cut through.


Ideal foods

  • Breast or formula milk

  • Mashed banana

  • Mashed vegetables, such as potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, parsnips, fish

  • Khichdi, legumes like kidney beans, grams, black gram, chickpeas

  • Ragi / nachni porridge recipes

  • Apple ragihalwa

  • Dairy – Full fat Curd or Yogurt, cheese, paneer


How often

Three times a day plus finger food snacks, with a minimum of 500-500ml/16-20 ounces of breast or formula milk a day. Now is when you can offer first finger foods too – diced veg cooked to a soft consistency is ideal, as are bread toast, soft fruit, rice cakes, relevance


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