How to Bathe your Newborn

How to Bathe your Newborn

Bathing your baby is one of its kind experience that you can never share with others and that’s a wonderful piece of time when you can enjoy playing and getting to know your baby better and better. Actually for new and young mothers who are afraid about parenting, giving baths gives more and more confidence to handle the baby with care.


Systemize Bathing

Always make it a routine to give your newborn bath everyday, which will obviously make your little one immune of Water related issues and personally you will also get time to spend it with them. Most importantly keep talking to the little one when you bathe. Tell them stories teach them about the family, introduce her to your relations and friends.


Now let's start the actual process Tada…….!!!!

  1. Keep everything ready from Soap to a dry towel.
  2. Keep everything close to you so that you need not run or ask someone to bring it when needed. Check it twice before you start.
  3. The most important thing is checking the temperature of the water before putting it.
  4. The water must not be Hot but warm.
  5. Always keep the necessary water filled in the tub, do not keep the Hot & Cold water taps open as you cannot predict the right temperature.
  6. Always use a Good Quality Bath Tubs which can withstand heat.
  7. Check the quality of the Plastic before you buy.
  8. When you lower the Baby into the bathtub always have your hand for support on their Neck, Shoulder and back.
  9. Be as gentle as possible when you rub them.
  10. Use Good quality shampoo & soap.
  11. Clean their Folds properly as dirt accumulates there easily.
  12.  After bathing do check for leftover soap on the body and hair, especially between the nails as it may enter the baby’s mouth.
  13. Gently wipe the baby with a clean & dry cotton towel.
  14. Avoid synthetic towels.

These may seem big but it is very easy to handle. But never forget the Talking part.


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