How to wash the Newborn clothes

How to wash the Newborn clothes

The most tiresome job to any homemaker is washing clothes. But yes with no other option it is our duty to keep the clothes of our little one clean as the baby could get infected literally from anywhere.


The first step of washing the Baby’s cloth is choosing the right detergent for it. The detergents that we use to wash our clothes are extremely hard and may cause infections to the babies. So never ever use your detergents to wash your baby clothes. Always shop for exclusive Cloth wash liquids and detergents that are made for babies.


The foremost thing is to kindly wash the soiled clothes of your baby then and there, do not leave them to be soiled for a long time.


  1. Before you wash Soak the clothes in warm water with a good baby detergent mixed to it. Leave them to soak for at least half an hour.

  2. Disinfect your hands before you start washing them.

  3. Hand washing the clothes will be the best Idea.

  4. Wash the clothes softly and rinse them well.

  5. After soap wash soak them into a tub of water mixed with disinfectants.

  6. Rinse them well

  7. Before you wash always check the washing instructions given on the garment.

  8. Dry the clothes in Sunlight.

  9. Do not dry them indoors.

  10. Natural Drying will help them disinfect.

  11. Fold them only when they are completely dry.


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