Keeping your Baby Safe and Cozy during Winter

Keeping your Baby Safe and Cozy during Winter

Winter is Coming

Finally, the long-awaited winter has come and we are getting to feel the chill in our nerves, the biggest task for mothers during these days is keeping their newborns comfortable and cozy. Winter usually brings home infections that cause common colds to babies which eventually make them more discomfortable than anything else in the world. So it is always safe to find good, simple yet best remedies to avoid this and make the Winter as happy as ever.


Why is your Baby crying

The hardest part in parenting is knowing ‘Why is he/she crying now?’ that too during winter it's even more difficult to know the right reason as your baby might be feeling cold which is the first sign of the next big thing. All that you need to do is gently touch and feel your baby’s belly, foot, or palm, if you feel it cold then it's clear that he/she is feeling the cold. Touching the forehead or the limbs will not give you the result.


Choosing the right cloth

The major part during the winter is choosing the right cloth for the right time for your babies. Always use good Wool or Polyester fabric during the winter. Keep the bedding material cozy and clean during the winter. It is very essential to keep your baby’s bed in the right shape. Use two or three thin layers of blankets to wrap your baby.

Buy 2 to three pairs of winter wear or sweater with varied thickness, don’t use just one sweater for the whole season. Having sweaters of varied thickness will help you choose the right one as per the prevailing temperature.


Going Outside

It is very advisable not to take the baby out during the winter unless necessary but try to give your baby some sunlight during the day time when the weather is good. But when you move out, always have enough pairs of diapers with you so that you keep checking and changing them then and there, and avoid having a wet diaper on for a long time that causes the immediate cold. Always carry good soft cotton cloths or napkins with you clean your baby then and there, avoid using cold water.

These are some of the necessary tips to be taken care of during the winter. Have a safe, warm Winter.


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