The Stage of Pregnancy  Week by Week

The Stage of Pregnancy Week by Week

Find out what your baby is doing with our week by week guide to her development


Pregnancy Week 0-3

During the first two weeks of pregnancy, you are technically not pregnant yet. During these weeks, you will menstruate, after which your body will prepare to ovulate. The third week is around the time that ovulation and conception occur. During this week, fetal development will begin, including development of the brain and spinal cord


Pregnancy Week 4

Between the fourth and seventh weeks of pregnancy is when many women discover they are pregnant. You may begin to experience various pregnancy symptoms.  Your baby developed into an individual ( twins can develop up until week four )


Pregnancy Week 5

During the fifth week, you will want to schedule your first prenatal appointment. At this point, you may also begin to experience morning sickness. Your baby is gently floating in the amniotic fluid, attached only by the umbilical cord. She measures around 7mm the length of a grain of rice. Her heartbeat can be picked up on an ultrasound scan


Pregnancy Week 6

At this point, you may experience nausea, breast changes, and heartburn, among other symptoms. Your little buds that will grow and form her arms and legs will appear this week. Her hear is beating and can already drive blood around her body.


Pregnancy Week 7

By the seventh week, every vital organ has begun to develop in your baby’s body.  The limb buds are growing rapidly and fingers and toes will appear soon. Her head and tail have formed, so have her eyes, kidney and lungs. Also, while morning sickness is unpleasant.


Pregnancy Week 8

During the eighth week, you will probably experience morning sickness, and your baby is growing. The outline of your baby's face now appears-the two halves of her face will come together and meet in the middle.


Pregnancy Week 9

At nine weeks, your baby is about the size of a grape and may start sucking on her thumb. She has toes! Her liver is producing red blood cells, which are pumped around her body by her tiny heart. Her eyes are fully developed and nose has appeared. She's also growing rapidly and now measures around 2.5cm.


Pregnancy Week 10

While most of your baby’s organs are present by the 10th week, face is now recognizably human and her tail shrinks. Her external sex organs have also begun to form, her lungs are growing and stomach and intestines have formed. She now measures about 6.5 cm


Pregnancy Week 11

At 11 weeks, you only have a couple weeks left in the first trimester. While you may not be able to feel any movement at this point, she is 7cm long and can suck, swallow and even yawn. Her major organs have formed and the most critical period in her development have passed. Now, she is becoming more active.


Pregnancy week 12

You have almost completed the first trimester! she is continuing to grow,  She is 14g and is about 8cm long. Her brain and muscles are coordinating and she kick and curls her toes. In girls, the ovaries have now started to form, while in boys, testicle initially form in the abdomen and will desced into the scrotum later. And you want to eat well to get the proper nutrients for both you and your baby.


Pregnancy Week 13

As you finish your first trimester, you will begin to notice many changes with your body, including stretch marks. Also, your baby now has a unique set of fingerprints. Her ears and face start to bear family resemblances and she can make different facial expressions, while her eyelids are large enough to fuse together and will stay that way until 25-27 weeks.


Pregnancy Week  14

Congratulations on beginning your second trimester! You and your baby are continuing to grow. And your baby is about 10cm long now and her hands and feet are fully developed - she even has the tiniest toes and little heels.


Pregnancy Week 15

By the 15th week, your doctor may begin measuring your fundal height to monitor growth. She can suck her thumb and grasp her umbilical cord. Her sex organs mature inside her body and her eyelashes are starting to grow.


Pregnancy Week 16

As you enter your 16th week, your blood volume has increased, you may have a pregnancy glow, and your baby is getting ready for a growth spurt. the links between the muscles and the nerves are getting better established and she can coordinate her movements. she will be trying them out moving around in your womb. In a few weeks (earlier, If it is your second pregnancy) you'll be able to feel her kick


Pregnancy Week 17

By the 17th week, you are well into your second trimester. Your baby is developing adipose, your abdomen is growing, and you may experience sciatic nerve pain.  She's around 15cm long and weighs 175g. Her body is covered in a fine downy hair called lanugo and swallows amniotic fluid.


Pregnancy Week 18

By 18 weeks, your pregnancy bump is starting to show more. You may need to take time to rest during the day.  Baby's bones are forming rapidly and start to harden. adults have 212 bones, but your foetus has more, as her bones will fuse together later in life. Loud noises inside your womb may startle her, too!


Pregnancy Week 19

During the 19th week, you may experience round ligament pain and dizziness. Talk with your doctor before using any medication or herbal remedies. Baby movements are stronger because her nervous system is more sophisticated. Buds for her permanent teeth begin forming.


Pregnancy Week 20

Congratulations on making it half-way through your pregnancy! Now is a great time to start creating a birth plan. Also make sure you are consuming enough iron. Baby has doubled in Size since week 13 and she can hear sound within your body, such as your heart beat.


Pregnancy Week 21

At 21 weeks, you are well into your second trimester. For many women, this is the most enjoyable trimester. Enjoy this time as your baby continues to grow.  she has grown around half her birth length and measures around 20cm. Her White blood cells are starting to form and her tongue is now fully developed.


Pregnancy Week 22

By 22 weeks, your baby is looking more like a newborn, although there is much more growing to do. This is a good time to sign up to take a childbirth education class.  she has eyebrows! she's now taking in even more nutrients from your placenta to fuel her rapid development.


Pregnancy Week 23

At 23 weeks, your baby is continuing to develop. This is also a great time to finalize plans for maternity leave and begin discussing options for paternity leave. she can now grip with her hands. Her fingernails are now fully formed and the lanugo darkens. Her first poo (meconium) is developing too!


Pregnancy Week 24

By the 24th week, your baby’s brain is developing rapidly, and the lungs are maturing. You may be experiencing heartburn and changes in your skin. your baby is almost completely formed and is beginning to deposit a layer of fat beneath her skin.


Pregnancy Week 25

At 25 weeks, your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball. Your baby is gaining fat, and you may be able to find out your baby’s gender at this point. and she can now hear your voice and within a few weeks will begin to recognize it. she'll enjoy listening to the deeper pitch of her dad's voice, too, so suggest to your partner that he talk to your bump.


Pregnancy Week 26

At 26 weeks, you have almost reached your third trimester! At your next appointment, you can expect your doctor to perform some routine screenings. Baby now measures around 23cm. Her lungs continue to develop, but won't be fully formed untill after the birth.


Pregnancy Week 27

At 27 weeks, you have begun your third trimester! At this point, you can feel your baby move more.Her eyes, which have been fused shut since 13, open at this point. She's taking small breaths, although it's fluid, not air that she inhales, in readiness for her birth.


Pregnancy Week 28

Around the 28th week, you will begin having more frequent prenatal appointments. This is also a great time to make plans for your trip to the hospital.

Baby heart is beating at 120-140 beats per minute - twice the speed of yours. Her nostrils have opened and breathing practice continues.


Pregnancy week 29

At 29 weeks, it is important that you are getting adequate amounts of nutrients and rest. This is a great time to discuss you birth plan with your partner.

Baby continues to gain weight - around  25g a day. She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals.


Pregnancy Week 30

At 30 weeks, you may be feeling more tired, and your joints may feel looser.

Baby has quite a head of hair now. Her eyes are the colour of muscle ( slate grey ) and her lungs are almost fully developed


Pregnancy Week 31

At 31 weeks, you may experience Braxton Hicks contractions and start leaking colostrum.

Baby crown to rump growth will slow down, but she'll continue to gain weight each day.

Her memory develops too.


Pregnancy Week 32

By your 32nd week, you will probably have prenatal appointments every two weeks.

Baby movement will peak around now and you will really feel them. as the amount of amniotic fluid in your womb decreases to give her more space


Pregnancy Week 33

Starting in the 33rd week, you might be waddling – and having trouble getting comfy in bed.

Your Baby now measures about 30cm - the length of a sheet of A4 paper ( from crown to rump )


Pregnancy Week 34

By the 34th week, Your baby's lungs are now able to produce a substance called surfactant to keep the lungs expanded and so that they are able to withstand pressure after birth. And dizziness and fatigue may be slowing you down.


Pregnancy Week 35

At 35 weeks, you may feel short of breath. You may also notice a change in your baby’s movements. Around this week, it is important to start tracking your baby’s kick counts. She's filling out and getting rounder. All her major organs, which have been present from almost the beginning are almost completely developed.


Pregnancy Week 36

At 36 weeks, you only have a month to go. You may experience an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions. This is a good time to go ahead and pack your bag for the hospital. Your baby is gaining about 14g of fat a day and will continue to grow and move down into your pelvis.


Pregnancy Week 37

During your 37th week, your cervix will begin to dilate and efface. You may also pass your mucus plug. Take time to finish any preparations before your baby arrives. Baby face is filling out and she has a full set of eyelashes. Her eyelids can open and close easily.


Pregnancy Week 38

At 38 weeks, most of your baby’s organs are fully functional, and you could go into labor at any time. Try to rest, and enjoy these last few days before you meet your baby. Baby immune system is developing fast, although she will continue to receive antibodies from your placenta


Pregnancy Week 39

At 39 weeks, you may not have noticed many changes over the past couple weeks. Your baby could arrive at any point, so make sure to rest and enjoy this time. There's little room for her to move now. Her intestine is filled with meconium, which will be passed in first two days after birth.


Pregnancy Week 40

Congratulations on reaching the end of your pregnancy! You will probably meet your baby this week. it's time to come out now! But if by the end of the week there's still no sign of labour, remember only three percent of babies arrive on their due date, but 80% are born within 14days of it.



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