Tips for sound sleep in pregnancy

Tips for sound sleep in pregnancy

The following tips may help you get the sleep you need during pregnancy. However, if your sleep disturbance are severe, talk to your doctor.


Extra  Pillows :Pillows can be used to support both the tummy and back. A pillow between your bent knees can help support the lower back and make sleeping on your side easier. some specific types of pillow include the wedge-shaped pillow and the full length body pillow


Right bedding :Make sure you have light cotton bedding for the hot summer months and warm bedding for cold winters. You can also choose a design that appeals to you and makes you feel good.


Air-conditioner, fan and heater :There's nothing worse than getting into the bed when you're sweaty. Investing in a fan or an air-conditioner is a good way to keep it cool during summer. If you need warmth, a small heater can keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature as you sleep at night.


Nutrition :Drinking a glass of warm milk may help you sleep. Foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread or crackers, can also promote sleep. protein-rich snacks can keep blood sugar levels up and could help prevent head aches and hot flashes.


Relaxation techniques :Relaxation can help calm your mind and body. Take a warm bath, read, listen to some soothing music before you try to sleep. relaxation techniques also include stretching, yoga, massage and deep breathing.


Exercise :Regular exercise during pregnancy promotes physical and mental health. exercise also can help you sleep more deeply. However, vigorous exercise within four hours of bedtime should be avoided.


Medication :Ideally, all medication should be avoided during pregnancy. There are some medication that are considered safe to take during pregnancy and that might help you sleep better but always talk to your doctor before taking any kind of drugs, this includes herbs and supplements.


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