When can you get your Child to play with Building Blocks

When can you get your Child to play with Building Blocks

Building Blocks or Stacking Blocks are something that we always tend to buy for our kids. But we dont get them at the right time which makes either the kid lose them or not use them in the way they need to be used.


What’s so good with them ?

Building Blocks helps your child identify and sort between different shapes and colours. And they also help your child in doing activities that develop finger coordination and orientation. Since they are small and of different sizes it helps your child learn to hold things properly. It also helps your child use its Intelligence to stack the blocks in different shapes.


When is the Right time to get them ?

Now a days we get Good Quality activity blocks for different age groups starting from 6 months. But research says our babies develop the capacity to understand colour and shape sometime around 15 to 18 months. So it is always better to get them the blocks for their first birthday.


How to Choose the right blocks.

  1. Always go for a Branded blocks.

  2. Check the Quality of the blocks.

  3. Do not choose very tiny blocks as the babies may swallow them.

  4. Try to get a set that has at least 5 to 6 different sizes of blocks.

  5. Buy Block sets that have at least 8 different shapes in them.

  6. Choose stacking sets that are of different colours which will help your child in sorting.

  7. Do not buy Blocks made of low quality thin plastics.

  8. Please buy odourless blocks.


The most important thing is preserving the blocks. Babies when the play with the blocks they will certainly throw them everywhere and then pick them and put in their month so always check the blocks for dust and other dirt before packing and opening. Wash the block with disinfectants in regular intervals.


Happy Playing…!!!


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