Terms and Conditions

  1. www.bornbabies.com this website is owned and operated by BORN BABIES INDIA PVT LTD. This page is put forward the term and condition that we stated upon acceptance of using our website, including other tools, services, and other information on the website.? By access our services from our website, you are hereby accepting the following terms and condition. These term and condition are applicable to the entire user except the vendor, Merchants, and other services providers like logistics services, payment gateways provider, etc. .
  2. Before entering our website are using our services from our website make sure you have reviewed and accepted all our terms and condition By acceptance of our terms you are creating a legal agreement you will only use the Service of www.bornbabies.com in a way that complies with these Terms. In any case, if you are not interested in accepting our terms and condition. We kindly request you to leave our page or stop accessing our services further.
  3. Terms and condition are subjected to change in accordance with the addition of new features and tools. We have full rights to change the terms and condition any time Therefore we request you to review all the new update periodically to keep you update of the new changes.

Use of our website

  1. By using our website you are bonded to accept that user must not use our product and services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose against the law.
  2. If he/she uses our website against the terms www.bornbabies.com has full right to suspend, discontinue or delete the user any time without any prior notice. That also includes the restricted using of site features and services as well.
  3. The user should be at least the age of 18 to accept our terms and condition. And also you may come across some pages which are password project and secure that page is allowed to access only by authorized users. If an unauthorized person tries to access the website will be arraigned.
  4. User must bond to provide user true and accurate information if we sense that the information provide are inaccurate or not true then Born babies will suspend your account without any prior warning.

General Terms

By agreeing to our terms and condition to use the site, you are fully responsible for the maintenance of your personal account and password. Notify Born Babies of unlawful use or other infringement of your account instantly. Most of the time the internet is normally safe to use but some time due to some service interruption or any other error which is beyond the company control. The company cannot be held liable for any data loss during the transmission of information. The right to use the Site is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Modification of Pricing

All prices and description on this website can be modified without prior notice. Born Babies offers reimbursement and refund price protection for products. However, you will be informed of the same if the cost of a product rises before the shipment. The item is dispatched according to your confirmation in this situation. All taxes and fees are included in the price posted. In case of extra fees or fees that are the same, it is stated on the website.


The products on the Site are sold by Born Babies directly on behalf of the vendors. No item intended or manufactured by one seller shall be purchased without specific approval under the name of another seller. Should a certain color or material not be available, the company will contact and inform the customer. If the distinction is insignificant, the order is handled as usual. At any time and at our sole discretion, any product description shall be subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at all times to discontinue any item.


We must receive all payments before shipment exception in cash on delivery. Credit cards, debit card, cash/draft payment, mobile payment is accepted by us.
The information that you provide is governed by our privacy policy for more information read our privacy policy www.bornbabies.com

Errors and Accuracy

We always strive to provide accurate and correct information without any exclusion or error. But in some rare cases, there might be information on our site that contains some error, inaccurate information of products description, shipment time, offers and availability. We have rights to update, modify the information and as well as cancel the order if the information that is inaccurate or contains any other errors without any prior warning.
We don‘t take any responsibility to amend or modify information in the services only exception to pricing error as required by law.

License and Ownership

The contents, products and other intellectual property are owned by our website. All the intellectual property and content on the website are protected by trade dress, trade secret, copyrights and other law of the government. The product, logo, icons are also the trademarked by us, our partners, affiliates and the third party. User may not use, modify, sell, copy the content in the website with permission from us.

Third-Party Links

The site includes the links of other third parties. These links redirect you to the third party website. Born babies are not responsible for the content, privacy, inaccuracy of the third party website. You are at your own risk if you‘re accessing their party website. We are not liable for the service, damage, error in the purchase of products on the third party website. We request you to review their party policy before accessing their website.


All the products on the website are inclusive of VAT/GST. User should pay the taxes that are imposed by the government and you are responsible for the payment of those taxes and duties. All our taxes are inclusive of both local and state taxes. Not the VAT charges might change according to the address and location of the shipment. We own all right to collect taxes for the shipments.


Apart from other Terms and condition user are prohibited to use the website

  1. For any unethical or illegal purpose
  2. To misuse of the intellectual property of born babies and our affiliates.
  3. Publish inappropriate content and information
  4. Collect of other personal information
  5. To abuse, harass, provoke, insult, defame based on religious, sexual, age, community, disability and race.
  6. For Violation of laws and use for immoral purpose
  7. Publish or upload virus, phishing or spam links in the website
  8. Breaching security features

We have reserve right to block or terminate the user to access our services.


By agreeing our terms and condition you are agreed to hold harmless of born babies, affiliates, partners, agents, employees, officials, officer, service providers and others related to born babies. In any case, user breaches these terms and condition is prosecuted.

Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service

Born Babies may any time change the terms and condition without any prior notice. You can review all the updated terms and condition on this page. After the update you are not fully satisfied with the terms you can discontinue using our website. Still, you continue to use our website you are bounded to all our terms and policies.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions will only be interpreted in compliance with Indian legislation. Only the Coimbatore Court at Tamil Nadu shall be skilled for all matters/conflicts resulting from these Terms and Conditions or any other circumstances on this page, with the exception of all other judiciaries.