12 Newborn Essentials Checklist That You Should Know

12 Newborn Essentials Checklist That You Should Know

Preparing for a newborn's arrival can be overwhelming. This blog provides a checklist of 12 essential items every new parent should have: nursery furniture, car seat, stroller, baby clothes, feeding supplies, bathing items, diapering necessities, baby gear/carriers, safe sleep products, first aid kit, nursery room basics, and cleaning supplies.

Having these newborn basics ensures you're ready for those first crucial months and can focus on bonding with your little one.


Preparing for a newborn baby's arrival is both exciting and daunting for new parents. With numerous products available, it can be overwhelming to determine what's essential and what's merely a luxury. To simplify the process, we've compiled a newborn essentials checklist covering 12 must-have items for the first few months. Having these basics on hand will ensure you're prepared to welcome your little one home. 

This checklist includes nursery furniture, car seats, strollers, baby clothes, feeding supplies, bathing essentials, diapering necessities, baby gear and carriers, safe sleep items, a first aid kit, nursery room essentials, and cleaning supplies. By having these items ready, you can focus on bonding with your newborn while ensuring their needs are met.

12 Newborn Essentials Checklist That You Should Know

1. Nursery Furniture: At the very minimum, you'll need a safe place for the baby to sleep. Many parents opt for a crib and changing table set or a multi-purpose piece like a mini-crib with a changing station attached. Be sure to pick a firm crib mattress and tight-fitting crib sheets. Bassinets or co-sleepers can work for the earliest months if nursery space is limited.

2. Car Seat: By law, you cannot leave the hospital without a properly installed infant car seat. For newborns, a rear-facing seat that clicks securely into a stay-in-car base is best. Pick a model rated for your baby's weight and height. Many parents choose car seat and stroller travel system combos.

3. Stroller: A sturdy stroller system with ample storage and one-hand fold is a must for trips out with the baby. For newborn comfort, pick one compatible with your infant car seat for easy click-in travel. Umbrella or frame strollers make a great supplementary option.

4. Baby Clothes: Obviously, you'll need a starter wardrobe of onesies, sleepers, pants, tops, socks, etc. Lean toward soft, stretchy fabrics in easy on/off styles. Plenty of sleep sacks/swaddles are essential for safe sleep. Stock up across multiple sizes since babies grow rapidly.

5. Baby Bottles & Feeding Supplies: Pick between glass or plastic bottles in a newborn size with slow-flow nipples. At minimum, have 4-6 bottles on hand. Formula-fed babies also need formula, bottle brushes, prep machines, storage containers. Breastfed babies require nursing pads, nipple creams, breast pump and storage bags.

6. Baby Bathing Supplies: Bathe-time necessities include a baby bathtub, soft towels with hoods, baby washcloths, gentle cleansers and lotions. Bath kneelers make bathing more comfortable. Grooming supplies like a soft brush, nail clippers and thermometer are very useful, too.

7. Baby Diapering Supplies: Diapers, wipes and diaper cream are obvious musts. Many parents prefer the convenience of diaper pails and changing pad covers, too. Diaper bags with changing pad inserts are great for on-the-go diaper changes.

8. Baby Gear & Carriers: A bouncer, rocker or swing provides a cozy spot to keep the baby contained at times. Baby-wearing wraps and structured carriers enable hands-free snuggling and movement. Playmats, gyms and soothing toys add enrichment.

9. Safe Sleep: Items Properly fitted crib sheets, wearable blankets and sleep sacks eliminate loose blanket hazards. Swaddle sacks, white noise machines and blackout curtains promote restful sleep. Many parents use bassinets or co-sleepers for room-sharing.

10. Baby First Aid Kit: A basic kit with digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, gas relief drops, gripe water, diaper rash cream, nail clippers and other essentials provides peace of mind for new parents. Keep emergency contact info and first aid guide handy as well.

11. Nursery Room Essentials: Besides furnishings, outfit the nursery with necessities like soft lighting/night lights, a nursing chair/glider, storage bins/shelves and a baby monitor. Eco-friendly air purifiers are popular add-ons. Rugs, curtains and decor make spaces complete.

12. Baby Cleaning Supplies: Babies generate a lot of laundry, so stock up on baby-safe detergents, stain removers and fabric refreshers. Sanitizing dishwashing and cleaning supplies are musts for constantly disinfecting bottles, toys, pacifiers and nursery surfaces.

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The First Few Months Made Easy

This list of 12 newborn essentials covers all the basics parents need for those first critical few months. With the nursery stocked and ready, you can breathe easier and simply focus on bonding with your new little one. Remember, every baby is unique, so don't feel obligated to buy every gadget. Stick to these core essentials initially, then let your personal parenting style determine additional wants and needs down the line.

The essentials include cribs/cots, feeding supplies, clothes, diapers and changing items, bathing supplies, baby carriers, strollers, car seats, safe sleep items, first aid kits, baby gear/toys, and nursery essentials. Having these basics covered ensures you're prepared for the first few months.

Once settled, you can gradually add more items tailored to your baby's specific needs and preferences. Congratulations and happy parenting on this exciting journey!

Newborn Essentials Checklist: FAQs

1. When should I start preparing the newborn essentials? 

It's best to start preparing the newborn essentials around the beginning of the third trimester. This gives you ample time to research, purchase, and set up everything before the baby arrives.

2. How many clothing items do I need for a newborn? 

Experts recommend having at least 10-12 pieces of each type of clothing like onesies, sleepers, socks, etc. Babies tend to go through multiple outfit changes per day.

3. Is a bassinet or crib better for a newborn? 

Both bassinets and cribs can work well. Bassinets are more portable and take up less space, but cribs provide a longer-lasting option as the baby grows.

4. How do I choose the right car seat for a newborn? 

Look for a rear-facing infant car seat rated for your newborn's height and weight. Make sure it can be properly installed in your vehicle.

5. What type of stroller is best for a newborn? 

For newborns, consider strollers compatible with infant car seats or ones with fully reclining seats. All-terrain strollers with good sun protection are also popular.

6. Do I really need a dedicated changing table? 

While convenient, changing tables isn't strictly required. Many parents opt for changing pads on dressers or even the floor to save space.

7. How many bottles should I buy for formula feeding? 

It's recommended to have at least 4-6 newborn bottles to start. You'll need more as baby's feeding amounts increase over time.

8. What essentials help promote safe sleep for newborns? 

Tight-fitting crib sheets, swaddles/wearable blankets, white noise machines and room darkening curtains all help create an ideal sleep environment.

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