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Born Babies - Baby Cap Towel

At Born Babies, we understand that dressing your little one is more than just putting on clothes. It's about providing them with the utmost comfort and care while ensuring they look adorable every step of the way. Our exclusive Baby Cap Towel collection is designed to cater to the needs of parents who prioritise quality, comfort, and style for their precious angels.

Superior Comfort and Quality

Wrap your baby in the epitome of softness and luxury with our range of Newborn Baby Cap Towels. Crafted with 100% organic cotton, these towels offer unmatched comfort and gentleness for your baby's delicate skin. The soft and plush texture of the towels provides a cozy and warm embrace, perfect for snuggling, drying, or even as a blanket during stroller rides.

Versatile Usage and Features

Each Newborn Baby Towel with cap is generously sized at 29x29 inches, making it suitable for babies from newborn to 5 years old. The versatile design allows for multiple uses, whether you're at home, on the go, travelling, or visiting the pool or beach. The lightweight nature of the towels makes them easy to carry, ensuring your little one stays comfortable and cozy wherever you go.

Options for Every Need

Choose from our range of Baby Hooded Towel to suit your specific needs:

  1. Muslin Organic Cotton Hooded Baby Wrapper Cum Baby Cap Towel

    • Price: 799

    • This option offers a premium blend of organic cotton and functionality, providing a versatile solution for your baby's bathing and wrapping needs.

  1. Hooded Baby Wrapper With Single Layer Protection

    • Price: 449

    • This single-layer protection towel is perfect for everyday use, offering simplicity and comfort for your baby's bathing routine.

  1. Hooded Baby Wrapper Cum Baby Bath Towel With Double Layer Protection

    • Price: 995

    • For enhanced care and warmth, this double-layer protection towel is ideal for wrapping your little one after a bath or while on the go.

Care and Maintenance

Our Newborn Baby Cap Towels are designed for convenience and easy maintenance. Made from 100% organic cotton, these towels can be easily machine-washed with a gentle detergent, ensuring long-lasting softness and freshness for your baby's comfort.


Choose Born Babies for a premium experience in baby care with our Newborn Baby Towel with Cap collection. Elevate your baby's comfort and style with our superior quality, softness, and thoughtful design. Embrace the joy of parenthood with products that cater to your baby's needs while keeping them cozy and stylish every day.

Baby Hooded Towel: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). Are Born Babies Baby Cap Towels suitable for sensitive baby skin? 

Yes, our Baby Hooded Towels are crafted with 100% organic cotton, ensuring softness and gentleness for delicate skin.

2). How should I care for my Baby Cap Towel?

Simply machine wash with a gentle detergent to maintain the softness and freshness of the towel.

3). What age range are these Baby Cap Towels suitable for?

Our towels are designed to cater to babies from newborn to 5 years old for extended use.

4). Can I use the Baby Cap Towel for outings and travel?

Yes, the lightweight and versatile design makes the towel perfect for outings, travel, and beach visits.

5). What sizes are available for the Baby Cap Towel collection?

Each Born Babies Baby Cap Towel measures 29x29 inches, providing generous coverage for your little one.

6). Are the Baby Cap Towels environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, our towels are made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring eco-friendliness and safety for the baby and the environment.

7). Do the towels come in different colours and designs?

Our Baby Cap Towels offer a variety of choices to suit every taste and style, with options for various preferences.

8). What makes Born Babies Baby Cap Towels stand out from the rest?

Our towels are designed with a focus on superior quality, comfort, and functionality, making them exceptional choices for your baby.

9). Can I use the Baby Cap Towel as a blanket for my baby?

Absolutely, the towels are multifunctional and can be used for snuggling, drying, and even as a cozy blanket during stroller rides.

10). Is the Born Babies Baby Cap Towel collection affordable?

With a range of options at different price points, our towels offer quality, comfort, and style at affordable prices.