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Born Babies’ Baby Walkers

The Born Babies’ Musical Baby Walkers are thoughtfully designed to assist your little one in taking their early steps with confidence and security. Built with high-quality materials and a focus on safety and comfort, this newborn walker is an indispensable companion for your baby's developmental journey.

Keep Your Baby Safe and Comfortable

Our baby walkers are crafted to balance the force on your baby's feet, encouraging proper walking motions and helping to prevent bow-legged walking. The soft, cushioned seat and backrest provide comfort and support, ensuring a pleasant experience for your little explorer.

Musical Toy Tray for Hours of Entertainment

The attractive musical toy tray not only adds a fun element to the newborn walker but also offers endless entertainment for your baby, keeping them engaged and delighted as they navigate their surroundings.

Features and Specifications:

  • Easy Setup and Foldable Design: The Born Babies Musical Walker is effortlessly set up and folded, making it convenient for modern homes and travel.

  • Adjustable Height: The walker grows with your child, accommodating their increasing height and ensuring prolonged usability.

  • 360-Degree Rotating Wheels: Smooth-rolling wheels allow easy movement in all directions, keeping your baby mobile and active.

  • Wide Range of Toys and Activities: The walker includes a variety of engaging toys and activities to entertain and stimulate your baby's curiosity.


  • Length: 23 inches

  • Height: 23 inches

  • Width: 7 inches

Choose Your Favorite Color

Available in a range of attractive colours, the Born Babies’ Musical Baby Walkers let you select the perfect one to suit your little boy's or girl's style.

Join the Born Babies Family!

Empower your baby's early strides with the Born Babies Musical Newborn Walker, a delightful and secure companion for their journey of discovery. Explore the joy of learning to walk and experience endless fun and entertainment today!

Baby Walkers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). Is the Born Babies Musical Baby Walker safe for my baby?

Yes, the walker is designed with a focus on safety, featuring a comfortable seat and backrest to keep your baby secure.

2). How easy is it to assemble the walker?

The walker is easy to set up and fold, ensuring convenience and practicality for modern homes.

3). Does the walker have adjustable height settings?

Yes, the height of the walker can be adjusted to grow with your child, providing prolonged usability.

4). Are the wheels of the baby walker smooth and easy to move?

Yes, the 360-degree rotating wheels provide a smooth ride and allow your little one to move around with ease.

5). What type of entertainment features does the walker offer?

The attractive musical toy tray offers hours of entertainment and engagement for your baby.

6). Can the Born Babies Musical Baby Walker accommodate different colours?

Yes, the walker is available in a range of attractive colours to suit your baby's style.

7). Is the walker suitable for both baby boys and baby girls?

Yes, the walker is designed to offer comfort and support for both baby boys and baby girls.

8). What age range is the walker suitable for?

The walker is suitable for babies aged 6 to 24 months.

9). Is the seat cushion of the walker comfortable for the baby?

Yes, the walker features a comfortable, soft cushion to ensure a pleasant experience for your baby.

10). Does the Born Babies Musical Baby Walker offer a backrest for added comfort?

Yes, the walker includes a backrest to provide additional support and comfort for your little one.