Baby Food for 12 months+

Family food:
Try to plan family meals so your baby can eat what you are eating but don’t give him/her sugary foods or processed food that may contain too much salt – if you use salt in cooking, set aside a salt-free portion for your baby before adding it. Around now you can give your baby his own spoon at mealtimes, so he can make his first attempts at self-feeding (though don’t expect him to get much in there himself!) while you feed him.

Ideal foods
• Scrambled or chopped hard-boiled whole eggs
• Sliced fruit, mango, melon, banana slices, apple, guava
• Cooked carrot slice, green beans, cauliflower florets, baby corn, peas, pumpkin, potato sautéed in little ghee/butter
• Well cooked boneless chicken pieces
• Well cooked boneless fish pieces- ensure that bones are carefully removed to avoid choking
• Cucumber peeled and sliced / cubed
• Tomato wedges
• Peanut butter on toast
• Ghee Chapati cut into bite size
• Mini idlis / Idlis cut into quarters
• Mini ragi cheela / dosa
• Mini moong dal cheela / Big cheela cut into pieces

How often:
Four times a day plus snacks, with a minimum of 350-400ml/12 ounces of breast or formula milk. You can start to offer larger meals as your baby gets on the move and needs more calories for energy.